Steve Aries (a.k.a. Jester Muzik) Holding court at some of Montreal’s most prestigious dance events and clubs, Steve Aries is renowned for entertaining and captivating the kings and queens of Montreal’s highly critical and competitive nightlife scene. He has established himself as a preferred artist at major events and clubs in the Montreal area, as well as being a local favorite at after-hours and more intimate clubs. Combining the best of the Americas and Europe, Steve Aries possesses an international flare and panache that has heated up dance floors around the world. International appearances include, France, Miami, Mexico and Peru.

An influential figure in the bustling, competitive Montreal scene, He has spun at some of Montreal/Canada's most influential clubs including Playground, which gave birth to Montreal’s now legendary afterhours scene. Local appearances include residency at Red Lite, guest performances at Stereo, Opera, Unity 2, Parking, to name a few. In his set, Steve Aries serves a series of hypnotic mixes where tech house and minimalist influences cumulate into a vibrant House music of rare intensity.

Aries’s sexy sound is a distinctive reflection of Montreal’s vibrant diversity. DJ and producer, Steve collaborated with the most inspired organizers on the local and international scenes of house, electronic and dance music..

Crédit photo : © Steve Aries

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