She was DanceFloor Junkie since the early 80's.She started Djing since Febuary of 95'. She wanted to give the crowd a more sensual vibe in a man dominating world. Her path was a very interesting one. Started with Deep House but threw out the years explored it all. From Salsa, Hip Hop, R&B, Psy Goa to Acid Techno and Hard Core.    

Her passion to house music was so apparent that one of the pioneers of the NY House Music scene (Angel Moraes) took her under his wing .His reason for being that generous in teaching the history was ?  '' One Day I'll be gone and after all these years of hard work. I don't want to see it destroyed by anyone.''  After that, she made it her ''mission'' to teach others in the art of Dance Music. Which she does still today. 
The list of venues, events and clubs that she played is varied. Started at Groove Society, Mystik (1st rave), Shed CafÈ, BeachClub (in 1995). In 1998, she got a residency at Red Lite afterhours until 2001. She Left  to explore other styles and to produce her own events under the banners House Of Sins, Sweetleaf Prod. and Totally Havin' It Concerts. She brought with her associates( Dj Indica, Dj Dan Stringer, Ange Noir, Dj Popeye) a new sound in Montreal. The Style is Wet'n'Hard under the banner H.O.S.with dj Corvin Dalek (Hongaria). Under Sweetleaf production, they threw Acid Techno parties and brought artists like Chris Liberator (God Father of Acid Tek) plus all of the Stay Up Forever crew & more. Which she learned a great deal from.
She also produced Live Shows with world known artists like Lab4 at The Spectrum Theater & at the Musee Juste Pour Rire under the banner T.H.C production. Between 2001 and 2007, she also had the chance to play in major events, just to name a few.. WEMF(World Electronic Music Festival) it was a3 day event inToronto. Also a few times for Ray Junior prod. at Mont Radar (in the Bunker) , Love6 , Apocalypse 2003. In 2007, she took a step back from the scene but never stop playing. She went on a soul search to get back today as a matured artist. What you will hear on this show will be diversified sounds and styles but the mood will always be Sexy with a bit of attitude... Something for Ur Mind , Body & Soul!!

Crédit photo : © Ange Noir

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